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Prints now available for US and EU customers!

Back in August I got an email that I hadn’t honestly expected. It was from ArtFlakes, an online print service based in Berlin, who asked me, if I would consider them to produce and sell my prints. After a couple of weeks of thinking, emailing and tapping my fingers, I decided to take part. I was in awe when I received the brochures – professional and providing me all the info I wanted on my rights as an artist. I am truly flattered. Over the years I’ve received a few emails through deviantArt (where I’ve previously had and still have my online gallery), where people asked me to partake in projects, but nothing as professional as this.

I haven’t done anything so far, in terms of getting the word ‘out there’ in relation to my prints, but now I think it’s about time. DevianArt used to take care of my prints, but only got me a few sales of the years, s0 it’s probably about high time, that I try something new.

So, if you want to purchase or simply take a look at my prints, they’re right here! More will be added asap!


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