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Revising prices! Opinions needed!

(Mind Pollution, 2008 – now available as print)

Hello darlings,

I got a few messages on my prices, and after some consideration, they have been revised (to your advantage ;)). I just finished revising at Society6 (US page) and at ArtFlakes (EU and US page). There might be a few differences in prices from one page to the other, but that is due to their prices, and not my royalties. And besides, one page allows me to manually set prices another offers me an overall markup for all prints. It’s a bit tricky. If you live in the US I would suggest looking at both pages for comparison. I have also been asked about Iphone cases and skins from a an EU printshop. I am working on that. So far, Artflakes has not made that particular print available.

I would love some feedback on the prices – and just some general feedback on, how you feel about this. Would you consider purchasing, etc?



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