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A Little Something in Black and White

So, I’ve been going through my old gallery, through folders and the few drawings I’ve kept for myself, and I’ve come to the decision that it is time for something b&w. I don’t do them often anymore, as coloured pencils are my favourite medium. I would however like to do another monochromatic drawing in some near future. But here’s an oldie for you, from 2008 (that particular year must’ve been my best year art-wise. I was extremely active compared to 2010 and 2011… 2012 is already, and so far, looking better than the two previous years.)

I was allowed to base it on the photography of Victoria Sims, go see her works, they’re exquisite! When I work with a reference, I have it on paper (printed or an actual photograph) or on screen (which was what I had with this one). The advantage of having a reference on screen is, that you can zoom in and out, and decide what specific details you want to emphasize or leave out. I’m quite fond of that kind of prioritizing, and that is mainly why I do more ‘surreal’ pieces. I prefer to have the freedom to incorporate any detail or theme I like.

Do you have any interesting tips or ideas for graphite drawings? Or do you prefer another medium in general? (As artist or just as spectator? :))


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