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Gift from PaperNomad

Hello lovelies,

So, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy doing university-stuff. Enough said, right?

Ah yes, a couple of weeks ago, I received a wonderful gift from PaperNomad, and I’m thrilled about the concept. I discovered their products in October, and kept visiting the page, hoping that they would come up with an Iphone sleeve. (They’d already done sleeves for Ipad, Ipod and Blackberry) I left a question on their blog, and a couple of days later, an email appeared in my inbox – they’d visited the blog, liked what they saw and wanted to give me their brand-new Iphone sleeve as a gift! I can’t begin to describe how flattered I am 🙂

Now, the really cool thing about these sleeves is, that you can draw on them. Decorate them to your hearts content. They’re made of paper and cotton (correct me if I’m wrong), designed with respect for the environment (Mhhhm, organic materials… mhmmm).. just perfect 🙂 And water doesn’t seem to be a problem either! For more on the PaperNomads go here! Normally I don’t consider myself easy to impress, but this caught me from the beginning. The philosophy is wonderful and the quality of the product is quite beyond my expectations.

I just noticed, that they’ve submitted the new sleeves to their webshop! Macbook sleeves as well! Now, mine has a nice little ‘Beta’ mark on the back.. and beta-testers test… and after my testing I say: “go for it!”

I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve doodled some more! I’ll work on it as I go 😉


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