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The Questions, Spontaneity and Impulses.

(If Mother Earth Was a Child… by Tanja Gotthardsen, 2008)

To put it differently, my drawings are often spurs of the moment. I do a bit of planning while drawing, using the additonal space to scribble down ideas, but it’s not like I start with a developed and finished idea. What I start with is a face. Or maybe just eyes, a nose or lips that intrigue me. I don’t think I’ve ever done a celebrity portrait, or maybe? Can’t remember. I quite like the freedom anonymity allows me. Suddenly it is just about the expression and emotion, the aesthetic qualities and intriguing detail of someone’s visage.

The drawing above, however, took me by surprise. That was one of the few times, where a drawing just, more or less, drew itself. I mean, I spent 25+ hours on it, but it still came quite easily, I didn’t have to force it. The composition and everything.. well it was quite impulsive, but this one was done with a quite specific question as guideline. And that guideline became the title; “If Mother Earth was a child… would we treat her differently?”
Being quite fond of the environment, well it was right up my alley. And nature does offer such a rich variety of colour.

Those are the drawings I love the most.

Available as print at Society6 and ArtFlakes 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Questions, Spontaneity and Impulses.

  1. Question… Is this your child, and if so how do you feel about the possibility of a stranger owning a picture of your child? I have interest in a painting I did of my daughter and I don’t know how I feel about selling prints of her.

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