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The Stuff We’re Made Of

(The Stuff We’re Made Of – by Tanja Gotthardsen, 2012)


I disagreed with my scanner on how much of the blue it was allow to eat.. steal.. The shadows are not as visible as on the Iphone pictures I shared of the process. I think we need therapy. The scanner and yours truly. Aside from that, I’m quite happy with the outcome!

Prints will be available sometime over the weekend, I just need time to get a good scan, figure out the sizes etc. So I hope you’ll hang in there, should you be interested. And you’re always welcome to send me an email, if you have questions on printwork and the like. My email address can be found in the section ‘about’ me 😉

I won’t say to much about the drawing, I will leave the interpretations to you for now. I will say though, that I really enjoyed painting this! It was relaxing, calming, to say the least.

Windsor&Newton watercolours on 250g Montval.

Hope you like it!


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