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A Tiny Update + Artwork

(Sort Sol by Tanja Gotthardsen, 2011)

Hi lovelies,

so, I’m in the midst of exam-chaos, I hope you’ll excuse my absence πŸ™‚ The blog is after all my creative oasis – and without time to be thoroughly creative.. it makes no sense to make posts about nothing.

Today I want to share a very special piece with you. It was done in March last year, for a person that is at the center of everything I do. My grandmother. She raised me, gave me an incredible amount of love (sometimes I feel like I’m bubbling over with love, I can’t contain it), gave me values and the strenght to stand my ground. To make her proud has been my motivation, and it still is. She died of cancer in October, and ever since I have felt a little bereaft. But she’s always around, in some sense.

The drawing was done for her 70th Birthday, but I got it done almost six months early. The idea just came to me, and I had to do it. And quite luckily she got to enjoy it for some months. She didn’t survive until her 70th birthday, she died the week before. When we got the diagnosis I gave her the drawing, for strenght. I had it custom framed.

I come from a part of Denmark where you occassionally can see the starlings gathering together, flying in formations over the marshland. It’s really beautiful, and it was a sight we shared many times. My grandmother did not enjoy great freedom in her life, and the birds represent the freedom we always dreamt of, together. Starlings are not the most beautiful birds seen from afar, but together they’re astonishing. And up close, they have so many beautiful patterns. And they have each other. Saying it with a big smile, she now has wings of her own. And they’re beautiful πŸ™‚


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