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End of Summer Break & New Art Work on the Move


Hi guys,

So it’s been quite quiet in here – A lot of things have taken place!

I’ve landed a new job, that’s directly related to my university studies, I’ve finally found myself an apartment near the university – and won’t have to spend three hours everyday jumping from train to bus and vice versa.. and I’m going back to school Monday, and boy am I excited!

If you add the time I’ve spent packing my life in boxes, seeing friends and family – and even my trip to Greece .. well, there hasn’t been much time for drawing.

But then something amazing happened.. I got a new tea-table for my livingroom – and it has storage! Now all my supplies are right in front of me, when I’m lounging on the couch (that does luckily happen from time to time..) and that has definitely eased my access to pen and paper.

Now I just need more time, but that’s me, in a nutshell 🙂

I hope you’ll hang in there – I might not be the most productive artist out there, but I hope my work will be worth while.

Take care!




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