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2013 – Sketch Attack



So, this is what I’ve been doing these past two days. The first one was done an hour ago, and I’m quite pleased. The second picture is a compilation of 2012 sketches and two small sketches from yesterday. They’re so half-assed. Actually they left me a bit upset, disappointed. Due to my  lack of work these past years I was starting to feel, that I was losing my grip.

But the one at the top did help my mood quite a good deal – I attempted to merge my stylized, more cartoony style with the skills I’ve acquired doing realistic and surrealistic portraits – and I quite like the outcome. The sketches were done without reference, maybe except for those that were results of me revisiting old characters. In any case, the reference used was my own, and it was relaxing to do.

The first sketch was loosely based on this drawing from 2008, so I had a basis for making my comparison. Also the upper right sketch in the second post is a revisited version of this character from 2007 (although the likeness is not very distinct).

So if any, my New Year’s resolution seems to be art related – improve, draw more, enjoy.



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